26 January 2018

Takatsuki City 10k ... 2018

Coach Scott Brown and I at the finish line after this years Takatsuki City 10K race. On a beautiful day, having run a fast and pretty course you’d have to say we were looking rather pleased with ourselves.

But look a little more closely. Can you see it? There’s no hiding the agony of falling just 10 seconds short of a PB. Would I have taken 39.07 an hour earlier? You bet!

It’s fair to say that the honeymoon period of last month’s marathon PB extended longer than it should have. I’d run just 9 times since that race 4 weeks ago. Making my way through a crowd of runners I sheepishly looked for my coach and friend. His recent text messages still haunted me. “What’s happening man? You OK” or “You still haven’t run! No pressure but time is moving ahead”. 

With bravado I proclaimed to all who would listen, I’ll be happy to break 40! At the time I meant it too. I felt heavy and slow. A couple of tempo runs earlier in the week proved it. I was scared.

On the start line I convinced myself that aerobically I could still produce a sub 40. It’s just 40 minutes I kept repeating to myself. I’ll start with a 3.50 and try to hold on. Buggar the pundits!


And that’s pretty much how my race went. My splits were as follows: 4.01, 4.00, 3.51, 3.56, 4.04, 3.56, 4.04, 4.02, 3.58, 3.13.

In just 2 days I have the Osaka City Half Marathon. Am I confident this time? 

You bet!


  1. I'm impressed with that 3:13 last k! Think you may have left your sprint a little late. Anyway, good looking splits. You're not too far gone for Coach Brown to whip you into shape.

  2. Hey mate. Don't tell anyone but that last km measured 0.84 on my watch so ... Still a long way off your 36.33. Maybe I need a new coach! I'm really looking forward to next season now. I reckon I've got a touch more left in me.

    1. LOL. Hope the half went well. Just watched 30 mins of highlights of the Women's Marathon (a runner from our club ran 2:42!). Tell Coach Brown I'll buy him a beer if he can fix the form of #1 lady who runs with arms straight down. Very odd.