31 March 2018

Run out of puff

I’ve been lucky this running season. No injuries, a couple of decent PBs but more importantly, a deepening love for the sport that provides me with so much. In many ways running defines me. I’m a lucky guy. 

I ran the Nagai City Half Marathon a month ago. Prior to the start I remember thinking a 1.26 was very doable. I’d trained well and mentally I was prepared for the hurt to come. What I hadn’t anticipated was the heat. The temperature on the day unexpectedly went above 20C which you might think was ideal but when you’ve trained and raced in only 6 to 9 degrees it came as a big body shock. I just couldn't adjust and rather feebly finished in a time of 1.30.33.

A younger version of myself may have taken that disappointment badly but these days I find happiness in every run. Fortunately, the bad ones have been rare.

I’ll be 50 in 6 weeks and strangely the milestone has filled me with a determination to make next winter my most memorable, packed with PBs and new adventures. 

Rather than shy away from a foreboding summer to come here in Japan, I intend to use it to my advantage. I’m determined to run 80 kilometer weeks packed with variety and purpose. In the evening when my day is nearly done, I’ll push on further with strength and flexibility challenges I’ve never done before. 

I’m excited at what’s to come. Nothing will get in my way, nothing.

Happy running everyone.


  1. Awesome Mark. 50-54 is an exciting age-group. I can see you setting outright PBs, not just age ones too. Especially with the excellent coaching you've been receiving from Coach Brown. Great to see that he's still alive. His blog has been gathering dust!