22 May 2013

Aerobic running

My second ever aerobic run. It's all rather new to me and to be honest I'm still a little unsure how I feel about them.  At the end of tonight's run I felt troubled. Why, I asked myself, do I feel more physically tired running 14 km at such a slower pace? I even became a little annoyed. Was I supposed to feel this way? Then, while bending over to take my shoes off, I felt short of breath and had an incredible tightness in my chest that I'd never experienced before. Was this a heart attack I thought? Am I having a bloody heart attack! I immediately stood straight up with the agility of a teenager and realised my time hadn't come just yet. The sensation I felt had been caused by my heart rate monitor fitting slightly tighter the more I bent over. Second time ever wearing one and still getting used to that too!

Are aerobic runs supposed to feel sluggish if they are new to you? I'm over my disappointment of Rotorua by the way. It's nice to be out running again.



  1. You shouldn't feel tired after an aerobic run but having said that it does take some time a few weeks to a month to get used to running at a slower pace.

    I'm now running about a minute faster with the same heart rate that I was 3 months ago. Be strict about staying at the low heart rate at least for the first month, your body will adapt and you'll be comfortably flying in no time! ;)

  2. Hey Scott. Third night in a row completed and I'm starting to understand the benefits of high mileage. I guess it's not about the individual distances, but rather the compounding of one after the other. Getting used to running on tired legs etc. In the past I'd always run then rest, run then rest. Not really conditioning now that I think about it. Ill have run 80 km for the week on Sunday. A record for me and a milestone on my journey.