16 May 2013

Running further with patience and purpose

My first marathon 16 years ago

Probably more out of sympathy than anything else Ive had lots of advice this past week. Most of it constructive and some of it, well you be the judge. Mum suggested I take supplements and in particular magnesium. She also said she thought I was over doing it to which I replied "If I had run any slower you would have passed me". A co-worker thought the full marathon might be just a little too far and I should try the half. Another co-worker asked if I had won the race. When I told her I came 239/1153 she asked me if I was disappointed.

Bringing way more balance to the debate of why I'm not the runner I thought I was were the comments to my last post from Scott, Richard and Bob. Each in their own way have made it very clear that if my goal is truly a Boston Qualifying time Ill need to run further but with patience and always with purpose. With their help I present to you my new two part road to redemption.


  1. Hi Bob. Ive just read your latest post titled 'relaxed week'. A 50km week might have been called something else on my blog. Well done. Pleased you like my schedule. Thanks for your help with it. Now to find my never before used heart rate monitor.

  2. Just checked, I did the Fukuchiyama mara in 3:48, my 3rd marathon, in 2003. Much slower than you did it. Tough race to finish off if I can recall. Yeah chart/schedule looks good. If you can get in a couple of 5 to 6K jogs in the morning to add to those workouts you'll be able to boost your weekly totals without killing yourself too.

    Also it's funny how non runners see things, I basically won't talk to anyone about running who don't run. Hardly worth it ;)

  3. Ill do Fukuchiyama again and that's for sure. I certainly hope they give medals though these days. In 97 and 98 I received a Sake bottle or Tokkuri and it was empty! I'd run 42.195 km and conquered that final mountain on a warm day and there wasn't a drop in it to quench my thirst!

    Like all good marathon runners Scott your times have got better. I've run 5 now and my first was by far my best. Time to train smarter and change all that.