2 June 2013


Wylie Street. Starting point for my runs

I've always thought I had a big head. I like to think it's because I have a lot of that precious grey matter in there. It has to be said others disagree although I can't think why. Because it's so big the thought of adding to that volume by throwing on a hat of any kind would look, well, odd. It's for that reason I've never worn any kind of head gear, ever. Until now.

It's officially winter and here in Rotorua it can get a little chilly especially early morning and at night. On my way home from work last week on a particularly cold, wet and windy night I felt compelled to visit the local supermarket. In my mind I wanted a rain coat, just to keep the rain out of my hair. However back in the car I pondered if divine intervention had forced me instead to reach for that $9.95 thermal lined beanie.

Old age and wisdom have certainly not shrunk my head I thought as I looked in the mirror, beanie securely on. Who cares? It's dark and maybe, just maybe I'll enjoy the warmth for once.

Verdict. 10/10. I love my beanie. I sleep with it, eat with it and most importantly, run with it.

Week 2 of 8 completed (80km/week Base Building). Heart rate noticeably down. Long run today felt easier. My body feels fine except for tightness in my right side lower back especially early morning and after cooling down from a run.

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