30 June 2013

Not such a tall tale

Two days ago this post was going to be all about how the wheels were starting to fall off my 80 km per week program. Lower back pain and an annoying groin niggle were starting to set in. However a tempo run yesterday followed by today's long run had me back to my old self. I guess I feel almost as good as Haile did after Berlin. 

Ever since I can remember I've had lower back pain. I accept it as normal now and for the most part forget it's even there. My mother has a lot to answer for ... her genes! Many runners give it away because of back pain. I'm the opposite. I run to keep the pain at bay and it's ALWAYS worked. For me a run is like having a hot soothing bath.

I can trace this weakness to a massive growth spurt I had in my early teens. At 6 foot 2 (188 cm) I'm hardly the ideal distance running specimen. WHY WASN'T I BORN SHORTER! Still, it's a useful crutch I rely on when I'm looking for sympathy. 'I couldn't run any faster Dad ... I'm too tall ... it's your fault'.

On further GOOGLE examination it seems height hasn't always been a disadvantage. In the 2002 Chicago Marathon Japans Toshinari Takaoka finished in a time of 2:06:16 which was enough to secure third place. That time still stands today as the men's Asian Marathon Record. Not surprising really. Japan has produced a truck load of brilliant distance runners. What is surprising though is that Toshinari is 6 foot 1 (186 cm).

Oh well ... I couldn't run any faster Dad ... I'm just too damn old'. 

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