9 June 2013

Obsessive compulsive runner

Let's face it, how many of us 'runners' are hiding a little secret? It's not just the one either is it? I think we as a group of like minded marathoners have certain traits in common that make our lifestyle seem so normal to us and yet so completely MAD to friends and family. Hello everyone, my name is Mark Watson and I'm a runaholic.

So what are our commonalities? Here are just a few of mine that'll probably seem normal to you all:

My Tuesday run didn't happen. I mean absolutely NOT. Although I did think twice. The weather was atrocious. High winds, cold and teaming with rain. But what about my schedule! My 80 km/week target! My log book! Solution, I'll move my CORE workout to Tuesday and run 5 days straight to reach my target. SORTED.

My log book is everything. It's filled in with complete integrity and immediately after every run. Numbers rounded (in my favour) in a consistent manner and always colour coded. Backups on an external hard drive made routinely because what would happen if I ever lost this data ... I can't bear to think.

My post run stretch workout can't be interrupted. Of course, I have another spreadsheet for this listing 12 exercises. 3 for core, 3 back, 3 shoulders and 3 quads. I dutifully count and time myself never missing one solitary rep.

And now I have a running BLOG ... I really need help. If only I could admit I have a problem.

QUOTE of the week “I’m never going to run this again”. Grete Waitz after winning the first of her 9 New York City Marathons. More than any other runner in history.

Feeling stronger all the time. My third 80 km week and I seem to be holding together well. Thanks for the advice a while back now.

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