17 June 2013


The more I read other running blogs the more I come to appreciate the grip the sport we love has on many of us. Fantastic.

A number of more serious runners have a habit of recording their body weight at week end as if it is some kind of barometer of their running condition. Right, off to research the question of ideal weight for a marathon runner. Tricky you ask? Yes. For every website there seems a different answer. Buggar. Runners World had this little gem though. If I had the weight to lose and lost 20 lbs (9 kg) it would cut my next marathon time by a whopping 17 minutes and 30 seconds. Here's the real question though. Do I have the weight to lose?

Mark in the RAW:
AGE 45 or (16,457 days)
HEIGHT 6 foot 2 inches or (188 cm)
WEIGHT 174 lbs or (79 kg)
WAIST 34 inches or (87 cm)
BMI 22.4

I found the following on a couple of sites as a way to calculate your ideal marathon race day weight. Not sure about the science behind it but here goes. You need to be 2 lbs for every inch you are in height. It's that simple. Therefore at my 74 inches x 2 lbs = 148 lbs or (67 kg). OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! That can't be!

Week number 4 of my base building 80 km schedule complete. Feeling a little tired but hanging in there. Would kill for a cheeseburger about now.


  1. My blog is probably one of the ones you are referring to, so as you know, my philosophy (and that of every elite runner) is: the lighter, the better.

    Having said that though, 2 lbs per inch does seem rather extreme. That would put me at 53 kg, which is definitely impossible. i would be bed-ridden. I'm aiming for 58 or possibly in the 57s.

    I think the easiest way to judge your weight is to just look at yourself in the mirror. Can you see ribs? Can you see defined abs? (good) Does your belly protrude a bit? (bad) Do you have "love handles"? Big ones? (bad) I've got the belly under control but still have to work on the love handles.

  2. Thanks for that Bob. Common sense at last. Self examination complete. Defined ads? I see a couple (fair). Ribs, couple of those on each side too (fair). Belly? (room for improvement). Finally my love handles are tiny (which is good). Now for that that cheeseburger. (I'm kidding!). Glad you're making progress on that knee.