28 July 2013

Asian giant hornet


At the 2000 Sydney Olympics Naoko Takehashi won the marathon in a time of 2.23.14 (still an Olympic record today). At 161cm and 52kg Naoko attributed part of her success to drinking the stomach juice of giant killer hornets before and during her run. These hornets which measure up to 7.6cm fly the equivalent of two marathons a day at 32kph looking for food for their young. SERIOUSLY! THAT’S IT? Or was it her unbelievable training schedule where each day she ran 50k before breakfast then later in the afternoon a further 30k.

Hang on, that’s what I’m doing for the WHOLE week!

I’ve finished my 8 x 80 km per week base building program.  Since my Rod Dixon like moment I’ve thought long and hard about where to go from here. Do I up the mileage? Do I incorporate some interval work or perhaps the odd Yasso 800? In my heart, I know that at this stage pushing that 80k for the week to somewhere near 100k may lead to injury. I really don't think I'm ready. Sorry Naoko (the killer hornet).


Scott, in his blog In the Long Run, gave me the solution. It’s one I’ll stick to for the next 8 weeks and goes something like this. 80k per week so no change there. Two of my runs will incorporate Boston qualifying pace (4.51 min/km).  These being my 14k mid week run where I’ll BQ pace for the last 5k and my 24k Sunday long where I’ll BQ pace for 10k from the 10th to 19thk. Adding these to my 12k Saturday tempo means I'll run 27k for the week at a reasonable pace. Its a step further but not one Ill struggle to handle ... he said!

There is no doubt about it, we runners do sacrifice a fair bit to achieve the goals we set ourselves. That said, we do get back so much more. We have to count ourselves lucky to have fallen in love with a sport that is both grueling and incredibly satisfying all mixed together. 

Take care on the road and trails everyone and have a great running week.


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