21 July 2013

Base building triumph


I think I've come a long way, literally. 9 weeks ago I was feeling a little sorry for myself having run a rather average marathon. The launch of this blog was my way of crying out for help. What on earth had I been doing wrong? Was Boston for me a bridge too far?

Many (in fact all) of you quickly pointed out that my 54 km per week maximum efforts were just way too short of the mark for reaching the goals I had set for myself. BASE BUILDING (new vocab for me) at 80 km per week was suggested as an absolute minimum and with that I set off, a little reluctantly it has to be said.


Today marks the completion of this 8 week program and with no one looking I mimicked that famous Rod Dixon 'reach for the heavens' moment at my 640 km finish line ... I really hope no one was looking!

Rod Dixon, a KIWI, won the 1983 New York City Marathon in a time of 2.08.59. It's still today one of the most dramatic finishes the event has ever seen. Dixon came from a long way behind to pass Geoff Smith at the 26 mile mark and go on to win by 9 seconds. ROD you're a BLOODY LEGEND.

Base Building - what I now know: Be patient. Run aerobically (30 seconds to 1 minute slower than your goal marathon pace) -still struggling with. Monitor your heart rate -it's nice to see aerobic gains (10 to 15 beats per minute for me). Mix it up with at least one tempo run per week. I've noticed a marked improvement in pace vs. effort. 

IN SUMMARY - I'm a lot fitter now than ever before. A niggle doesn't seem to last that long. I recover from Sunday morning long runs by evening. Most importantly I feel so much happier and now look forward to raising the bar a little higher on my road to BOSTON.

If I haven't already, thanks for that advice some 9 weeks ago - LEGEND.

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