14 July 2013

Shoulders back and chest out

There is nothing more rewarding than a Sunday long run. It's the one run of the week I allow myself the luxury of an iPod, to go at a pace that's comfortable and to take in the sights. The long run is by no means all fun and games though. For me there is a side to it requiring absolute discipline. The discipline of maintaining BEAUTIFUL running form over a minimum of 20 plus km.

Sergeant Major 'SHUT UP' Williams understands good running form with quotes like 'what a fine pair of shoulders'.

I tend to dwell a little more than most on form and with good reason too. You see most runners perceive themselves running a certain way. We may see ourselves as an explosive and nimble Haile Gebrselassie or perhaps the rhythmical and ultra economical Anton Krupicka. We are comforted by these thoughts and they inspire us to keep going. That is of course until the internet gave us INDIVIDUAL FINISH LINE VIDEO RECORDINGS.

What do you think of my running form?

These hideous and despicable gifts of modern technology mask nothing and shatter everything that is holy about good running form. Well they have in my case anyway. Viewing my 15 second 2012 Rotorua Marathon finish line horror show was tortuous. Who was this old man whose body tilted 20 degrees to the left, arching forward as if his head were unhinged with his mouth wide open and ... and WHAT THE HELL WERE MY HANDS DOING? They seemed to have dropped below my waist with my palms facing down as I ran! FACING DOWN!

That experience was enough to pull me off the streets, hire a treadmill and work on my form day and night before venturing outdoors again.

This post was going to be all about why I didn't run this week but to be honest I'm so gutted to have been laid up with back pain, I just didn't want to dwell on it. A week of chiropractic visits and x rays and I'm fine now so be happy and healthy everyone - have a great week.


  1. Hi mark

    Interesting, I can't see that you're doing much wrong. Maybe a bit hunched in the shoulders but looking straight enough. That Treadmill is too short but on the road you should try flicking your heels up/back a little higher towards your butt.

    Hope your back pain has gone away.

  2. I'm wrapped you had a look at the video - brilliant. That back kick of mine is a worry. I've even thought of dedicating a whole post to it - 'How to kick higher'. I've tried out on the road but to be honest it feels rather awkward for me. Wish I could though - looks so much better than a shuffle.