5 August 2013

Mid to forefoot strike

You’d think I was more of a heel striker looking at the sorry state of my shoes after today’s long run. Maybe they tell a story of too many downhill runs with the brakes on!

It takes me ages to get into any sort of rhythm. My calves and shins feel every bone jarring impact on the road. The only way I manage to get through this warm up period (around 6k) is to run more forefoot. It helps a lot and seems to take away some of the discomfort. I’ve also been trying to avoid spending too much ‘time on the road’. Running ‘lightly’ with shorter strides and a higher cadence takes the pain out of these so called ‘recovery runs’. Next I’ll be running barefoot!

I absolutely love motivational running videos. I challenge you to top this one. The music isn’t bad either, Breaking Benjamin SO COLD.

QUESTION: Are my shoes worn out? My wife thinks there's another 250 k in them but does she really have my best interest at heart? Next she’ll probably tell me to run more forefoot! Have a super week and take care.


  1. That running video sent to Breaking Benjamin So Cold is awesome!

  2. At only NZ$1.79 it went immediately onto my 'long run' playlist ... brilliant