1 September 2013

A balanced runner

Had intended to take the whole week off but by Saturday guilt had well and truly set in. I’ve got a Marathon to train for damn it and off I went. From the outset the spring in my step was obvious (well obvious to me anyway) and I did all I could to hold back. I was like a kid let loose in a new playground for the first time. It had felt too long and boy did I feel full of running. Saturdays are my tempo run days. So to extend myself I decided to run each km of my last 4 faster than the previous one. That last k I ran a 4.04. Now by no means was I all out but what was obvious was that at this pace NOTHING felt natural.

Side note: to any of you out there running near 3 hour pace or under - take a bow … that’s bloody impressive, and stop showing off! And for those of you running near 2.45 … CALL THE MIB GUYS CAUSE THAT’S NOT AT ALL HUMAN!

That feeling of ‘settling in’ to a long run surely comes from being in tune or balanced. A balanced runner is an efficient runner and this is the pace at which everything feels 100% natural. So what is my race pace? Should I decide now and train accordingly?

Race predictors are everywhere and for the most part they differ only slightly which is reassuring. Probably the most respected I’ve found comes from Runners World. After punching in my recent Cambridge result it quickly displayed a time well under my BQ goal … HOORAY ... but can it really be trusted?

It’s just 9 weeks to the Auckland Marathon. Time to unveil my new program which I think will work for me. Close to my previous 80k per week program but with a little more. As for my Marathon ‘balanced’ race pace? I’ll let that take care of itself over the weeks ahead and decide the night before.

Have a GREAT week everyone – RUN HARD.



  1. After how well you raced Cambridge I'd say it's a good guide (if you get in all the long runs between now and Auckland). A mate ran 95 and 3:22 in Melbourne, which is similar to the prediction.

  2. Ive had some great advice since starting this blog. I really think its beginning to pay off. I run more than double what I used to per week and boy do I feel different. I'll get in those those long runs ... thanks Ewen.