29 September 2013

Brusied ego

Anton Krupicka

I ran cautiously all week and with every run felt less pain. Today I discovered the cause of my ‘injury’ during my long run. Running down that Tihiotonga ‘mountain of a hill’ at pace wasn’t such a great idea two weeks ago. You see the camber of the footpath angles left and at that gradient, I was bound to get what turned out to be, well not really a career ending injury. Unless of course a bruised little left toe has the potential to trigger something catastrophic.

In my last post I’d gotten a little excited about the prospect of running an ‘ultra’. The Tarawera Ultra is fast becoming an internationally renowned event attracting world class athletes. Back in 2012 Anton Krupicka made an appearance. The winner this year was Sage Canaday and he certainly doesn’t need any introduction. This annual event is located literally on my doorstep with the start line a 5 minute drive from my house. It combines a 100, 85 or 60km race and with my good friend Masahiro from Japan entered and urging me to as well, it got me thinking. Could my little left toe cope?

Is running an ultra any different from running a marathon? What mileage would I need to rake up during training to adequately prepare? Being realistic, I’d choose the 60k race. Anything further would just be silly wouldn’t it?

William Sichel, an ultra running world record holder says “Anyone who can complete a marathon could complete an ultra, with no extra training, provided they adopt a suitable run/walk pacing strategy. Even if you went out for a run tomorrow and maintained an average 9 min 55 per km running/walking pace you would probably find you could cover 80 km with no additional training at all”. 


  1. The 60k would be hard enough! Wouldn't need much change from what you're doing now - maybe some back to back Sat/Sun long runs would be enough - say 35/30. Big difference (for me) is you're not that concerned with finish time, just finishing. Pace is slower and ultras are nice and sociable.

  2. The back to back 35/30 weekend plan is an excellent one. Now ... if only my wife would see it that way. Decision made. I'll give it a go. Besides, I need the variety. Constant road running is doing my head in a bit at the moment.