27 October 2013

I'm nervous

It’s been exactly 6 months since the disappointment of the Rotorua Marathon. 3 hours 45 minutes and 56 seconds really hurt me a lot. It’s fair to say I felt a fair amount of belief, confidence and pride ebb slowly away as I ran that final stretch to the finish line. For motivation I’ve uploaded that image again that captured the mood of entrant number 711. Boy I hope things will be different this time round but I have to say I’m really nervous.

Since then many of you out there have given me some excellent advice and encouragement week in and week out. When compared to those of you that do comment I’m an absolute novice, not even in the same ballpark, yet you take the time to nudge and point me in the direction I need to go. Thanks guys. Perhaps the added nervousness I'm feeling this time comes from a sense of wanting to do well for you and that surely can’t be a bad thing.


My wife told me to avoid posting predictive times. Dad, on the other hand urged me to. Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife to bits but when it comes to the bond between father and son, nothing compares. So with that said and providing my rather dodgy left groin can hang in there, I give you my goal time scenarios for the 2013 Adidas Auckland Marathon.

The video above is an absolute gem I picked up courtesy of Chris at cicirunner. Keep your eye on Dave Wottle, the man in the golf cap. He wore it for good luck in the 1972 Olympic 800m final that will never be forgotten.


  1. Hope you have a good one! Don't go out too fast….

  2. So true. I've made that mistake more than once. Couple of years ago my family were positioned at the 5K mark. Wanting to impress, I raced pass them near the lead runners. My father just about had a heart attack thinking I'd blossomed late in life. Needless to say I hit the wall at what seemed like the 16K mark. Thanks for all your help Bob.

  3. Great video! I'm glad getting married didn't ruin him (like Scott Brown). Echo Bob's thoughts. Run like Wottle -- hang back early and hang back for a LONG time. Good to have definitive time goals. Run to how you're feeling on the day (and to conditions) and you'll do well.

  4. Very true. Like his nickname 'The Head Waiter'. Hard to hold back but I'm determined to this time. Thanks for the support Ewen.

  5. Looking forward to hearing about Auckland. What's happening/happened?