10 November 2013

Creamed rice

I’ve felt 10 feet tall this past week. Every morning at that point where you’re awake but not fully, I lay there reliving each and every km of that triumphant Sunday. Yes, I’ve been late to work more than usual but I felt it was necessary to bask in those glorious and somewhat embellished memories before they fade away forever. And at my age that’s sooner than I’d like.

Sure I had help. Training advice, the foam roller, Garmin, a pacing strategy and even the weather played its part. But if I had to single out one thing on the day, it would have been a little gem I discovered just two days out from the marathon while researching what to eat the night before, always tricky when away from home. 


The New Plymouth YMCA Marathon Club swears by eating a can of Aunt Betty’s Creamy Rice for breakfast the morning of any marathon. It’s the food of marathon runners they say and responsible for all of their PBs. If it’s good enough for them, it had to be good enough for me and so it was. Needless to say it’ll become a Sunday morning stable of mine from here on.

So now what? Well I have a half coming up in a couple of weeks but my next crack at a full won’t be until March. So how should I train over the next few weeks? Base building doesn’t really make sense anymore. I need some kind of ‘holding’ program before I build the intensity for a crack at a 3.19 or 4.44 pace. Probably the time I’ll need to guarantee my ticket to Boston.


I have a few ideas of my own and they don’t differ hugely from what I’ve done in the past. That said, I give you my ‘Maintenance Program’. Please let me know what you think. After all, this marathon running caper can’t just be about – creamed rice or can it?

Take a look at the video titled 'Almost there' for some great Boston history and remember to have a great week everyone.


  1. I don't think "half at MP" is an easy long run. I think that's a hard long run.
    Seems to me you'd be doing 3 tempo runs per week, plus a hill workout. Seems a bit too much.

  2. You're probably right Bob. I've always found it hard to go out there and run an easy day. Running 40 sec to 1 min slower than goal pace takes a heck of a lot of discipline. I struggle to see how it'll benefit me as a runner at all. I'm likely to be passed by the retired lady jogger next door! OK I hear you. I'll stick to the program.