22 December 2013

Running raggedy

My post next week is already sorted. I’m really excited about it too. The unboxing of a lot of running goodies via wiggle.com which my wife insists is all I’m getting from Santa this year.

With 2013 all but gone it’s worth looking back. As a runner in waiting, my quantum step came after the Rotorua marathon back in May where yet another wall was hit and a far from satisfactory performance achieved. 7 months on my weekly mileage is now double what it used to be. I’ve achieved a Boston Qualifying time. I even write a blog about one day getting there, now far more relevant as Ill need another 5 minutes to even get a look in.

Along the way I’ve learnt that only run after run builds endurance. That patience is required when for whatever reason you discover you have no legs on a day that promised a far better time. I understand that being relaxed while running helps to keep those niggles at bay and also miraculously helps you to run faster. Lastly I’ve discovered a community of super nice people in races, on training runs and in the blogging community that all share a love, passion and dedication for the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves.


Running Raggedy is me. A runner constantly trying to battle poor form, ‘iffy’ joints, injuries I can’t quite put my finger on (perhaps imaginary) and polyester t-shirts that cause intense nipple irritation. Am I any less raggedy these days? No, not at all, which makes my quest for Boston all the more meaningful.

Have a very happy Christmas everyone. Enjoy the precious time with family and friends.



  1. Hey Mark,
    Merry Christmas to you, too. Your running is coming along well, I'm sure you'll make it to Boston one day.
    As for the Great Wall race, one of our guys ran it and said it was a not a good experience. I can't remember the details, but the organization was terrible. So try to check with someone who's run it before you sign up.

    1. After your initial advice I've been clocking an average of 80 km per week now for the past seven months! What now coach? You'll note I've subtly introduced another long run into my week.

  2. Yes, enjoyed a good Christmas Mark. Happy New Year to you too!

    Not so sure about the GWM (about 21k too far for me). Have heard that the bit on the wall, although not that much, is incredibly hard. Looking forward to seeing how your training goes for those upcoming races. Quite a list. I'm not game to pencil in anything more than a local 5k thus far.

  3. Yeah - not a BQ likely course at all. The winner last year finished in a time of 3.09 and he looked totally shattered. There was a rumour however he'd spent the previous night at your beach house in Urunga. As always I'm looking forward to more of your race reports in 2014.