19 January 2014

100 kilometers

I’ve attempted the ‘100’ for the week at least twice before and each time I’ve come up short. Looking back, well short too which is what makes this ‘first’ all the more satisfying. I kind of knew this was my week and attacked it from the start with all the confidence in the world. Hell, I even removed the orthotics from my ‘new’ (with wife’s blessing) shoes and the customary foot tape I’ve relied on for at least the last 18 months. This ‘runner’ needs no crutch anymore and to my surprise, it certainly proved to be. Have I morphed into something new?


Speaking of morphing, holiday snap shots always creep up on me and act as a gentle reminder that I’m getting a little older. Is that me or Dad? No, that can’t be me! or, for crying out loud would you delete that! This year however the odd new wrinkle was the least of my worries. What struck me was the ‘hunch’.  And not just in one photo, it was in all of them! Caught off guard and like a slap in the face, this is how I carry myself. Why on earth did nobody warn me! It’s so much more obvious when not running too. I guess with being so conscience of 'running form' the hunch never shows itself as much. What to do? After an exhaustive search and some success, I’ve begun a daily realignment program and am proud to reveal these exercises captured in the video left.

It’ll no doubt take time to see any difference (after all, the hunch is horrible) but I know it’ll be worth the effort. Come to think of it, much like the 100 was. Have a great week everyone.




  1. Congrats on 100km. Done at a good pace, too. Better take a rest day.

  2. String a few 100s together and you'll be the fastest hunchback on the other side of the ditch.

    Interesting video -- glad I don't sit down all day! Anyway, a good reminder to be aware of our posture/movement throughout the day.

  3. You know Ewen - at the end of the week, rather than feel physically tired I felt somewhat mentally fatigued with the 8 hour plus monotony. And with some of the best scenery and weather in the entire world, you'd think I manage a little better.