3 January 2014

Fluro orange

I find myself in a real quandary. Perhaps your perspective may help me out a little. But to kick things off I want to wish you all a very happy and injury free New Year.

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post and some of you may have felt my tardiness was the result of fruit mince pies, pavlova, ham off the bone sandwiches and guilt at not running. Far from it my friends. As you can see from my schedule I’ve been cramming in the runs because for the next four days I’m off on holiday with my family to Gisborne, the first city in the world to see the sun each day. 

Perhaps a change of routine and surroundings will help me to get over a little trouble I’ve experienced of late. You see Santa as promised did deliver. Running tops, 2 pair of socks, a hat, the latest Billy Birmingham classic and a pair of orange Adidas Adizero Adios Boost shoes weighing in at 7.8 oz.

Now it’s often been said that I’m a little eccentric. I like to view it as being ‘positively OCD’ or ‘distinctly unique’. My wife understands this trait in me very well after 14 years of marriage. To demonstrate, she asked the following after I returned home with a can of black spray paint designed for the interior fabric of cars. “Not that happy with the fluro orange colour dear”. I ignored her, mistakenly acknowledging her superiority of mind and made my way gingerly to the garage where I predictably made a total botch up of the shoe makeover (shoe labelled C is the before and the top image, under the tree, is my handywork).

On reflection and after a couple of 10K runs in my ‘black’ Adios Boosts, it’s become obvious that at 80 kg an orange/black 7.8 oz shoe just doesn’t provide me with the kind of support I need. And how would I feel at the end of a 20K plus training day and dare I say a full marathon? The Adizero Aegis  I currently run in weigh 8.8 oz (shoe labelled D) and earlier I’d thought about getting a slightly more supportive shoe. Now where on earth did that thought go the night I feverishly ordered everything in sight at wiggle.com?


Realistically I’m no Scott, Bob or Ewen but in time I may well count myself among them in terms of ability (long awkward pause or tumbleweed moment). Well OK, that day is a little way off and so for now should I not be looking for that additional support in long runs by wearing a shoe like the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 weighing in at 10.6 oz (see shoes labelled A and B). Given time and a lot more miles behind me a sleeker, racier looking shoe might work well, but not just yet. After all it’s been only 7 months since I began the weekly mileage schedule of 80+ km/week and what about that word patience, which seemed so relevant back then. Should it not still apply now?

“So you see I do need another pair of shoes and it never had anything to do with a poor paint job but rather a scientific evaluation of distance running, the weight of shoe and all those complexities in between”. He nervously said to his wife hoping he’d yet again be afforded a pardon given his struggles with eccentricity or as he liked to put it, distinct uniqueness.

Your support would of course be greatly appreciated.



  1. No, I don't like A or B - way too much heel. I think 8.8 oz. should be just about right - maybe a bit more, but you don't want those huge barges.
    And of course, losing some of the 80kg is also worthy of consideration.
    BTW, what have you got against orange? I think those shoes look great.

    1. I'll up my mileage shortly while maintaining my current food intake. I figure that should take care of at least 5kg over the next 3 months. As for the orange .... you think I'd have learnt a thing or two at my age to leave well enough alone!

  2. Dear Mark's Mrs: Let him buy the shoes! (in the appropriate colour).

    Funny, but the boost comes in black over here - maybe because we have everything you blokes want (like pavlova and endless days of sunshine).
    Given my recent injury problems, I've switched to a heavier shoe (than my favs - the Nike Free) for training runs. Still would use Kinvara for serious races. Asics Nimbus - expensive, a little heavy, but can run with no problems. Lighter shoes on race day should give me a boost (non Adidas) too.

    1. Dear Marks friend Ewen. This is Mark's Mrs Eriko. You'll be pleased to know I've relented this time. To be honest he looked a little silly in those fluorescent orange slippers but I didn't have the heart to tell him.