12 January 2014


It's nice to be able to post a little something about my family. My way of camouflaging my one run only for the week. The week away was brilliant and I have to admit I never once had the urge to run. Until now. Thanks Gisborne for turning on the weather, entertainment and food. 

Gisborne - City of sun, surf and worlds first to see the new day
Mrs (Mark) Eriko, Mum, Saya (our youngest), Naomi (our eldest) 
and Dad
An entire seafood platter which won Eriko over in my battle for a new 
pair of running shoes
A runner herself, Eriko seen here stretching those calves



  1. Nice family snaps! Good way to ring in the new year Mark. All the best again to you and all there.

  2. Thanks for sharing Mark. Great pics -- doesn't look like NZ at all. Perfect weather. But ah, don't think that qualifies as "surf" -- where are all the local grommets?

    1. OK, you got me. That first picture was taken off the Gisborne tourism website so that probably explains the digitally enhanced weather ... but don't tell anyone!