27 January 2014

The Friendly Games

This week marked the 40th anniversary of one of our most significant sporting achievements. The 1974 Commonwealth Games held in Christchurch.

1276 competitors from 38 countries battled over 10 glorious days in front of jam packed stadia, in perfect weather and to the tune of a theme song that still pulls at the heartstrings of us parochial kiwis. And to think all of which was broadcast for the first time in colour television!

Steve Allen singing the Games song

Those dodgy Australians finished top of the medal table with 29 gold edging England, much like the cricket, on 28 with New Zealand a close 4th on 9 gold.

For me and many others, the enduring memory of those Games will always be that of Dick Tayler winning the 10,000m ahead of the favourite Dave Black of England.

Speaking of anniversaries, this post marks my 50th. So thanks heaps for occasionally stopping by and as always have a great week everyone.

Dick Taylor



  1. Thanks Mark. I'd never heard of Dick Tayler - great last lap there to beat Bedford. But really, Auckland was the great NZ Comm Games - Lloydy winning the 5000! http://youtu.be/KXV68wJw1Gc

  2. Well that was a painful watch ... Never heard of the guy but coming from you I immediately looked back in the field for a yellow shirt and waited for the commentators to confirm Lloyd was an Aussie. SUPER finish though and from what Ive read, not a bad marathoner either.