17 February 2014

In a funk

The alarm clock went off a little earlier than normal for a Sunday. I’d purposely set it for 6.45am hoping to be on the road by 7.30am. I just wanted it to be over and wasn’t at all looking forward to my last long run of 30K prior to tapering for New Plymouth. In fact the whole week had been a real struggle. So much so that I was sure I had an underlying medical problem. Sure I was still trying to get over my lower back issues but this was different. At 7.05am, still lying there, I tried to find my mojo. Lab results from the blood tests I’d had done mid-week were perfect and should have made me happy but didn’t. At 7.15am my attention quickly shifted to thoughts of a testosterone deficiency. That makes sense. I’m due for some kind of physiological change. Can’t be young forever! I’ll look into that later I thought and rolled out of bed careful not to aggravate the lower back which was finally on the mend.


Predictably that first 10K felt dreadful. Tight, laboured and sore were great adjectives but the most appropriate of all was probably, well, old. However anger was now the overwhelming emotion as I hit 11K. I’d been training for almost 1 year at a far higher mileage than ever before so when would this sport ever become enjoyable or easy! I’m going backwards for crying out loud! More thoughts then, perhaps, am I terminal!

I’d run that first 10K at 4.39 pace and I know what you are thinking – that’s way too fast. Serves you right! You need patience and what happened to all that aerobic training eh? I don’t care. I still should be feeling better than this OK! Even more frustrated I stubbornly decided to run the second 10K as hard as I could for as long as I could even though it was for the most part gently uphill and into a wind. If I burnout, or get really injured, I can always walk/hobble home then look into membership at the local lawn bowls club around the corner.

A video request from my 2 girls

At 20K my overall split was a credible 4.45. Boyed by the time and now with just 10K to go at the turn I felt somewhat liberated. A gentle downhill home with as many 4.30s would cap off the perfect confidence boost and all would be forgiven.  

I managed 8 out of the 10 remaining kilometers at a pace of around 4.30.  30K completed at 4.42 pace. Total elevation gain 231m. I’ll leave the lawn bowls for now and look at that bucket list another day. Time for a shower and a few stretches.

Have a great week everyone.



  1. Nice run Mark. I'd take anyone of those 10k splits as a race time. 5k pace even! Enjoyed the videos. I've always thought a dumb way to die would be getting flattened by a car running across the street (almost happened once - missed the truck by that much).

  2. I almost came a cropper too running through a roundabout only a week or so ago.