31 March 2014

My perfect training week

A reminder first though of the massive challenge ahead. 
Behold, the Rotorua Marathon which simply winds its way around 
Lake Rotorua. From up here it looks darn easy doesn't it. 
Why then is it considered one of New Zealand's toughest? Beats me

Can it really be almost a year since the last Rotorua marathon? With the all important 50th now just a little over 4 weeks away there is absolutely no excuse for failing to complete any of my training runs. That said, I’m happy to report that I have at last achieved what I consider to be the perfect training week. It had everything. Even the great Lydiard would have been impressed. Nothing was left out, except of course the odd plank exercise and press up. What’s that? You want details? Well sit back my friends and marvel at the following. A masterpiece reveals itself before you, which as always, is open to a little, gentle, criticism.

Two gentle recovery runs, a longish midweek run 
with the last 10K run at around 4.35 pace. A 
Saturday tempo run and a long run on 
Sunday complete with hills ... nice

Wasn't sure if I should post this VIDEO. If you're 
offended let me know and I'll remove it. I thought it was
 very funny when thinking back to my recent ultra 
marathon weekend adventure

No more bragging. That's just about all I have for this week. I have a half scheduled on Sunday the 13th of April. Tossing up whether I should take this weeks long run and bin it. Rest up you reckon?


  1. Yes, a good week - the Sunday run at 4:46 was excellent.

    And the video is GREAT!

  2. Helga couldn't have put together a better week than that.