24 March 2014


An earth shattering 200m climb barely 1KM from 
the car soon dampened my enthusiasm for the great
 outdoors but the view once 
I'd caught my breath ... oh my!

Our local sports retailer doesn’t have a fantastic selection of running shoes at the best of times which is why I buy online whenever possible. On Saturday though I had no other choice given the trail running fervour coursing through my veins. Or should I say blazing through … Masahiro and Sage Canaday (my new best friend) at the Tarawera Ultra had inspired me and I’d planned my first trail run the next day.

At 10.5KM the Blue Lake presented herself to 
me in all her glory. I wish Masahiro had seen this
 lake on a day like today. Now to run around it 
just as the Ultra boys and girls had done a week earlier
Half way around. I'm enjoying this trail running.
 Lots of breaks whenever I want! Took this one 
sitting on a bench when no one was looking
7KM round the lake. 17.5KM done with the home trip 
yet to do. I feel great though with each corner 
revealing something new. Shoot me! 
I'm becoming a GREENIE!
And the shoes I settled on for this final frontier. 
The Nike Zoom Wildhorse coming in at 8.4oz. Bought 
with the full blessing of my wife sensing no doubt 
there was a good chance I'd get lost

What a great week of running. I loved every minute of it and cant wait for the new week. I really hope you are all enjoying the journey as much as I am at the moment. Long may it last.


  1. Why would you run anywhere other than trails with views like that? Interesting shoes - I haven't heard of them - will have to investigate.
    Hanny Allston can tell you how to run down stairs. She says to 'flop down them', saving the quads. Won 6' track this year so must know a thing or two about trails. http://www.thelongrun.com.au/?p=911

  2. Hanny says "My mileage had been easily over 140km per week and I felt confident that I was balancing the hard training with enough recovery". I couldn't image where on earth she would find time for recovery. Great race report and I take your point about her technique for down stairs running. Nice referral Ewen, thanks.