27 April 2014

Time to throw away the rulebook

The Tudor-style Rotorua bathhouse, opened in 1908, and was a symbol of the government’s ambition to create a great South Seas spa. It was designed to attract visitors from New Zealand and overseas.

On Saturday visitors will come for a different reason, to line up for the 50th Rotorua Marathon. It’ll be my third after two horrible failures. This time however I have a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel. Yes Mr B and what would that be?

I’m going to go out there and run hard (4.35s) but within myself for the first 32K. Factoring in those two fiendish hills at 21K and 27K I figure I’ll be running at around 4.42 with 10K to go. Then, like any other runner, I’ll need to dig deep and believe in all that training I’ve put in this past year. And I’ll be sure to save a little in the tank for that final 500m where a happy facial disposition will be crucial what with friends, family and the world’s international press lining the streets. I’ll also be conscious of form and poise as this blog will need a hero shot worthy of all that excellent advice you guys have given me.

I’ve decided not to set a target time. Rotorua is too tough for that. I am though going to give it my all and nothing less. Fingers crossed. My race report will come a little later than my Monday usual. Have a great week everyone. Still running raggedy signing out.



  1. Have a good one Mark. Reckon you've got a 3:20 in you if you get the early pacing right.

  2. My wife and I just checked out your Training Diaries for the first time - Her comment not mine. "He runs everyday! Well there's no way he's married then". On reflection I got the slightest feeling that she may have been hinting at something ... Ill run sensibly on Saturday, I promise.

    1. Now that's funny! If I were married I fear my wife would be like Scott Brown's: constantly burning the fish in retaliation for me always being out running.