11 May 2014

Complacency or a smoothie

You have to admit, she has great form. I wish I knew what she 
was thinking but then again don't we all?

It's been a week now and to be honest I'm just not that satisfied. I feel kind of flat, let down even. On the other hand a 21 minute gain on last years effort isn't that bad. Not to mention that leg lift of mine being so much better too. Hell, this is probably what an addict confronts every day after their fix. Joy tinged with sadness and a sense of loss. Or is this all masking a new more sinister fear. One I'm reluctant to admit after my wife's impressive marathon debut. I cant afford to get complacent, not even for a minute now that she's breathing down my neck. Oh yes, and there is that small matter of qualifying (well) for Boston too.

Being too ambitious has always been a recipe for failure. 
Well for me anyway. Small incremental gains are what's required 
and on a consistent basis. With Wellington Marathon just 6 weeks 
away I give you what I consider the 'achievable'. In the blue column 
where I am today and in the orange, my pathway to Wellington

My nightly smoothie that consists of the following: kale, a 
mixture of berries, a banana and pineapple. Am I missing anything?

As much as I hate cross training here we go with twice weekly 
planks, leg squats, dips and press ups

This is a fantastic look back at the 1964 Boston Marathon. 
Have things really changed that much? A brilliant 
VIDEO that's well worth a look.


  1. Thanks for the Boston video link. Looks fascinating - should get a chance to look tomorrow. "Running 26 miles in a single day"!
    Missing icecream in the smoothie. Watch out or it won't be long before you're breathing down your wife's neck. She could be a natural.

  2. It's a brilliant video. Lookout for the newspaper boy!

    1. Just watched it Mark. Fantastic! Yes, newspapers back then were almost as fast as the internet is now. I like the reverend's stomach exercises!

  3. I've heard about it but you are the first person I know who actually eats "kale"! Yes and great link, cheers.

  4. Not a surprise at all ... it tastes bloody awful but what can I do ... my wife makes me drink it every night. I said to her that Ewen thought it needed 2 scoops of ice-cream which she laughed at. Ever since I'm sure shes doubled the kale portion ...