26 May 2014


I discovered this little gem recently and love it. Must be turned up and 
played at least 3 times for the tune to become fully imbedded. 
Guaranteed to suppress any thoughts of ongoing groin pain.

My nasty, nasty, nasty groin injury has returned. I normally run through these pesky issues and believe me I've tried but when it also triggered pain in the knee on the same side I knew it was time to ... 'slow it down, make it stop or else my groin is going to pop'. See VIDEO.

Reading Bobs post on his recent hamstring injury probably was bad luck! Still, I've taken on board the medicine he dished out for himself and have rested for 5 days. I won't need the 9 he took though given I'm younger and probably far better looking.


  1. You're scaring me Mark. I'll play it twice.

  2. I don't know - a nasty groin injury sounds nastier than a nasty hamstring injury - maybe you _should_ rest 9 days.
    Cute video! Who is she?

  3. Lenka is a nasty nasty Australian ... but we forgive her.

    1. Thanks Mark. We forgive you for claiming to have invented the pavlova.