17 June 2014

Comfort food

Eat your heart out Jamie Oliver

I really should get my parents over for dinner more often. On Sunday night I had no excuses what with that nasty nasty groin of mine still playing up. I even had time to launch myself at the kitchen and conjured up 2 diabolically devilish desserts – a rarity in our house.

That left groin of mine has always been a little iffy. More often than not any discomfort will eventually pass which is why I’m not overly concerned. Having said that though it’s a real bastard and something I’d give anything to sort once and for all.  The past couple of weeks it’ll start to nag at around 8 to 10 km and gradually get worse. I wouldn’t call it crippling, rather a pesky irritant that seems to rob me of all power as I stride off on that left side. Being the experienced gazelle like athlete I am these days I didn’t push it at all this week. Four outings and each at only 10 km. Meanwhile at home I’m doing all I can including ICING THE GROIN with a clearly labelled bag of frozen peas, core work and stretching which for me is a miracle given its just such a chore!

On the race front, Wellington can’t be done this weekend.  Like a child forbidden from doing something cool and with bottom lip drooped enough for my wife to notice, I went ahead and entered the Tarawera Ultra 60 km Marathon scheduled for February just to make myself feel just a little bit better.

Not quite me on the right

On reflection, I may have pushed the training a little too much of late. Wellington would have been my 3rd marathon this year and for someone so new to racing perhaps I needed to pace myself a wee bit more.

Peas anyone?


  1. Yum, but go easy or you'll end up as big as Scott Brown when he's on the beer diet.

    You'll feel a lot worse at the end of the 60k! Of course I'll be expecting a shirtless photo to adorn the blog report.

  2. I've got six months then to master the art of photoshop!