29 July 2014


I just love this picture taken near the start of the race that has 
Steve leading. Just look at how happy he is. Good on you mate. 
Congratulations on an amazing 7 years.

In one fell swoop I’m able to switch my alarm clock off and on the follow through grab my iPad before coming to rest with pillow propping me up against the wall. Core strength is critical for this manoeuvre and at my age without the proper stretching I know I run the risk of pulling or worse tearing a muscle. Heaven forbid it’d be that nasty psoas of mine too. Big sporting events overnight tend to do this to me and with the Commonwealth Games marathon having just been run I was keen to see how me old mate Steve Way fared.

The Telegraph summarised his journey beautifully when it wrote ‘Steve Way felt like a corpulent sloth in 2007, when he tipped the scales at 16½st and struggled in vain to kick a 20-a-day cigarette habit. But as he was kept awake by the hacking cough brought on by his smoking, he arrived at an epiphany to transform himself through running, and the results seven years on were a marvel to behold as the 40-year-old from Dorset finished 10th in the Commonwealth Games on Sunday in a personal best of 2hr 15min 16sec.’ Incidentally, that time beat Ron Hill’s 1979 British record of 2.15.46 for runners over the age of 40.

At the finish Steve was so overcome with his accomplishment he burst into tears. “I just couldn’t have wished for a better day. I normally say something is second best to my wedding day, but this matches it. I’ve punched above my weight – I was even leading at 10km, which I thought might be a bit scary, but was really good fun.”

Australia's day though with Matthew Shelley taking gold in the men's 
marathon and Jess Trengrove the bronze in the women's

I finally have a race to look forward to. The Taupo half is this Sunday. I’m trying not to set my expectations too high with that injury of mine still persisting. I do just want to race though and like Steve, the thought of it just makes me HAPPY.

Fit residents at one of New Zealand's best rest homes in Christchurch


  1. Good luck on the Half, hope you feel good all the way.

    Yes, inspiring performances from both Steve Way and Michael Shelley.

  2. I'll park my mobility scooter at the turn just in case your leg falls off.
    Great video - those retired NZers have too much time on their hands! I like the bloke doing the slalem through the cones.

    Yes, the marathons were incredibly exciting for us and I too am happy that Steve Way ran such an amazing race. He's gamer than Scott Brown though, saying it beats his wedding day!