14 July 2014

How about that!

Kenyans are world renown for their distance running excellence. What many of us don’t know however is that most of them come from the same tribe. The Kalenjin who are affectionately known as the running tribe number just 5 million in a country of 43 million. David Epstein, author of the book The Sports Gene, reported that “There are 17 American men in history who have run the marathon under 2:10. In October of 2011, no fewer than 32 Kalenjin achieved it.”

Male runners are more likely to have daughters. Researchers at the University of Glasgow figured out that males who run more than 48 KM per week have a 60% chance of fathering a daughter … I have two girls.

Charity fundraiser Lloyd Scott holds the record for the slowest London Marathon time. He ran the course wearing a 50kg deep sea diving suit and finished in a time of just over 5 days and 8 hours. Talk about getting in over your head!
Runners who played soccer/football as kids had nearly 50% less stress fractures than runners who didn’t. No stress fractures here from one die hard soccer junior. Or is it that I'm not working hard enough?

And finally, my running streak now stands at 26 and counting …


  1. Beautiful numbers Mark. You're holding up well. But if you want a son you need to rack up an even better streak of not running!
    That's an amazing stat about the Kalenjin tribe. The non-running tribes probably only have a dozen 'joggers' under 2:15.

  2. I feel an OCD brewing ... I bet a lot of us 'runners' have huge obsessive traits. Either that or we are just a little mad. And don't tell me you're immune from this condition either Ewen ... I've seen your meticulous Training Diary. To be honest I'm a little jealous of it!