7 September 2014

Father's Day

He's a good buggar my Dad. I was proud to have 
him as my best man on my wedding day and he's still 
my best man today. Here in 1972 sporting the mow, 
the skivvy and that yeah baby attitude

For most, the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day. In New Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea however it’s the first Sunday of September. Now putting aside all that horrible commercialisation it is nice to take some time out to reflect on the Dad you have, for some the Dad you’ve lost, and now for me the Dad I am and one I hope to be. 

Family aside, I have 3 burning passions that consume my leisure time and they are politics, running and wrist watches. Today my Father’s Day gift managed to combine 2 of these 3 which literally left me speechless. I did have a sneaking suspicion as I tore through the wrapping paper. The shape of the box, its weight and even the look of excitement on the faces of my children all pointed to something very special. Wiping the tears from my eyes I soon discovered that my gift wasn’t an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, nor was it a Patek Phillippe Calatrava. It wasn’t even a simple Rolex Submariner ‘no date’ 114060. It was in fact a watch I had admired two long years ago and now thanks to the economy of time and the invention of the ‘online bargain bin’ one that my family felt they could finally afford, a Garmin fenix.

I present to you my horological holy trilogy of watches

Given the complexities of the fenix, running has taken a back seat of late. Mercifully to all I’ve finally taken my wife’s advice and sort help from the 1049 page user’s manual which surprising does a very good job at explaining how to set the all important running profile. With that, I’ve launched myself into training for the Auckland Marathon now just 8 weeks away.

Father and Son. A classic from Cat Stevens



  1. Lucky bastard! I'll swap you my Casio 30-lapper for the TAGHeuer.

  2. NO.

    On your twitter account you have a framed Sports Illustrated poster. It's you wearing #2 isn't it? How did you make the cover? Oh and by the way, you haven't changed a bit.

    1. Haha! That's Bill Rodgers - the photo was taken in his "running center" in Boston. I think the shop has closed since then (2011).