15 September 2014

It's getting too hard

Captured perfectly in her natural habitat. The Japanese 
wife has over many centuries developed an uncanny knack 
at looking completely disinterested. The male, try as he 
may will not penetrate her steely resolve. That Envirofit E400U 
will have to wait

No puff piece feel good post this week my friends. I just don’t seem to be able to do it anymore. Hell there are times I really do think ‘running is killing me’. I know, I know I can hear you all say “stop being so bloody melodramatic” but enough is enough. I hurt, I really hurt and not just in one place and not just physically either. Perhaps I have to face up to the fact that this game just isn’t for me. Or perhaps far far worse, that I’m not prepared to do the hard work anymore. As if calling to me this weekend, my local sporting mega store seemed to shout out a path to my future in the form of the ‘Envirofit E400U Exercycle’ and at a sale price of NZ$899.99 it’s probably worth checking out.

Sale price or not my wife wasn’t buying it. You see she’d worked me out many many years ago. How do I know? Easy. Silence speaks volumes in our household and on the odd occasion where I rant something like “I can’t do it anymore, its crippling me don’t you see” all I get is an awkward silence only she can deliver. You see self-pity isn’t a trait that the Japanese find remotely palatable. 

Left groin (getting better), left trapezius (new) and lower right lumbar (new) gives you some idea of what I might look like running by. If there was just some way I could attach a donation bucket to my hip I reckon I could do quite well. I’m not thinking too far ahead anymore. I’m taking it one week at a time. Every post from here on is a victory and to help along the way I’ve embarked on the following:

1. Buying that new Garmin Fenix of mine a bright new orange strap. 
Just in case I keel over and need to be spotted from the air. 
2. Using a topical anti-inflammatory as a last resort

3. Reading 'Anatomy for Runners' by Jay Dicharry. This book claims 
to present stability tests you can do which isolate a runners structural 
weaknesses. It then assigns a number of personalised corrective 
exercises which help with injuries and improve performance. 4. Jay 
reckons a stretch isn't a stretch unless it's done for at least 3 minutes. 
These two are apparently a must for my lower back and groin

5. Slowing down. I ran too many high intensity sessions. My girls are 
keen to help me out by running the first 2 to 3K with their Dad 
each night. 6. Staying positive. I like this proverb. 
It makes a lot of sense


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  2. Very insightful comments vis a vis the Japanese wife made me laugh, albeit nervously. ;)

    Yes slow down and build up gradually and or take a month off and build strength like suggested in "Anatomy for Runners" I have this book too it's great.

    Perhaps I'm not the best person to give advice on how to avoid injuries as haven't been too successful in that department and I definitely know even less about how to convince wives that spending money is a good idea!

    So I'll just wish you luck. ;)

    You know sometimes there really is nothing for it but to just drop it back a bit and wait for your body to show signs of wanting to hit it again.

  3. Agree with Scott. Hadn't heard of that book - it looks good, thanks.

  4. I must have Japanese ancestry - you won't be getting any sympathy from me!

    Book looks good - stability and muscle balance makes a lot of sense. Another 'Jay', Jay Johnson has many great videos demonstrating stability and strengthening routines. Enjoy running with the girls - starting slow is the way to go. Deek used to dawdle the first few ks of his Sunday long run.