27 October 2014

Too cocky

“Is it possible I’m getting a little too big for my boots? Blabbering on and on about how terrific I felt. Rubbishing the easy slow run. Why can’t I learn to keep my mouth shut! BOB'S PULLED HAMMY is nothing compared to the disaster I now face. After all … it’s my knee dam it!  You can’t get more important than a knee! This is the end of the line. Promising career over”. (That my friends was a snapshot of my rambling thoughts as I struggled my way through a 6.16/km 5k hobble on Wednesday just 11 days out from the Auckland Marathon).

The knee gets really sore and stiff. Sore after 5 km of running and stiff at the end of any workout. I’ve been here before with the exact same symptoms. The cause I knew was a tight and inflamed left iliotibial band. An overuse injury which is an absolute buggar to get on top of. After sulking for a bit, I went to work and came up with the following 5 day plan that would get me through to Sunday. You see on Sunday, I was determined to run a 20k trial at or near MP.  The outcome of that would dictate whether I ran or simply went to Auckland as support for my wife who is set to run her second marathon.

My plan involved doing everything in this image up to 3 times a day.
Thoroughly researched and guaranteed to settle the most stubborn
of IT bands

Sunday dawned and I’ve never felt so nervous before any run.  I knew there would be pain but could I run through it? Would it slow me down? Well ….. I’m not going to say. No, I’m not falling for that again and will keep any haughtiness to myself. Except to say 20k done at 4.39/km. Marathon for two back on track but under no circumstance will there be any pre-emptive high fives. Wish me (us) luck.



  1. I too will not say anything about the 20km run! I'm sure you'll be keeping up the knee work throughout the week, and so will only wish you all the best for the next week!

  2. Hi Cecilia. I absolutely loath stretching but hand on heart I've been at it twice daily and between you and me, it may well be working. My recovery seems to fuel the notion of some that it may all be in my head but what do you expect! It's a runners trait after all. Thanks for wishing me well.

  3. Back on track just like the Wallabies' form - fantastic to see Mark! With the extra rest and rehab available during the taper I'm sure the knee will be 100% ready for the marathon mauls.