17 November 2014

Back on that horse

Nice to be trail running again. I'll run these tracks once a 
week to build endurance and strength. I need to also 
find a way to just run for enjoyment and not to 
a preset pace. How about that view!

I do get the odd person ask why on earth do you waste your time writing a blog when virtually no one reads it? Good point, I think to myself. Very good point in fact. Is it some narcissistic trait I’ve suppressed for so long that I’m only now able to express? Probably. A therapeutic alternative to prescription drugs even? Sounds plausible. Maybe it was just a mistaken experiment that now has become an obsession and that fits perfectly with my personality. Yes, absolutely and damn it all.

Dis I mention I have a shoe fetish? This weeks purchase was 
unavoidable given the new 'non-road' terrain I'm now faced with every 
Sunday. Note how they go with the watch. That's it though, I promise

Today however I stumbled on one very useful side to writing a runners blog. Using the inbuilt search gadget within my new ‘Blogger’ template, I was able to quickly isolate a rather depressing post I’d written earlier. In it I highlighted some fairly impressive statistics. 54 km per week run for near on a full year at a consistent 4.44 – 4.50 pace. Yet how on earth was I not even close to running a PB I proclaimed! I was literally begging for help. With that post this blog was born. Feeling sorry for me a couple of you pointed out that I may want to consider working a little harder. The cheek! Running more frequently and further too was also hinted at. 80 km was given as a bare minimum with some even whispering 100 km per week should not be considered superhuman.

More than one year on I can tick off that regular 80ish milestone. I even lost a fair bit of weight too after another nasty but probably worthy comment. 75.5 kg down from 81 back in August. These days I like to think I’m a little more informed. I’ve read enough of your blogs out there to understand where to from here. It’s a progression thing which gets me thinking that maybe the title of this post is wrong. It suggests I’ve had a recent failure in some way. NO I HAVEN'T, I really haven’t (bottom lip quivering in a vulnerable kind of way). I’ve merely leveled up and with that I can now present to you my new training plan. It’s in the menu above titled ‘Current Training Plan’. Week 1 complete and I have to say … easy as.


  1. If you show up in a matching singlet Mark, you'll officially be declared gay (not that there's anything wrong with that!).
    Stay obsessed about the blog -- much more sane than being obsessed about a run-streak. I enjoy reading it (and I'm sure you have a good number of secret readers). Some youngster might stumble upon it in the future, become inspired and go on to become the next Peter Snell. All the best with the new training plan - looks entirely sensible to me!

  2. Nothing wrong indeed. Thanks mate. It's sure nice to share the odd success and indeed the many many disappointments too. I also really like to follow the likes of our mate Scott who must now be packing and going over his race plan one last time before Kobe. Fingers crossed for him eh.