8 December 2014

I've got a plan so cunning

The Tarawera Ultra Trail beckons

It’s difficult not to think too far ahead. What’s right in front of me is the Tarawera (60K) Ultra in February just 8 weeks away. My passion will always be for the marathon (probably because I haven’t come close to mastering it yet) but I have to say that training for the Ultra isn’t half bad. In fact it’s rather enjoyable! I think it comes down to the simplicity of strapping on the Garmin and setting its primary variable to distance, the only thing that counts. Buggar the pace, and off I go.

I'm happy to report that cutting out sugary drinks has resulted in a 
5kg loss in weight. Now according to 'Running for Fitness' the 
next time I run Mountain to Surf, I could be looking at a sub 3.15

Underlying all of this naturalist madness is a cunning plan. Between you and me I’m treating it as extracurricular activity of sorts for the main event, the piece de resistance, my next marathon the Mountain to Surf in March. That wicked, no good, double crossing, despicable marathon is a dastardly difficult event I’m sure you’ll agree. It’s neither a sprint nor is it a jog either. It’s somewhere in between and that’s the problem. It’s worth pointing out at this point that I am an exceptional marathon runner … over 30K and therein lies my problem. I can run a 1.33 half and relatively easily. Any online running tool/calculator will tell you I should therefore be running a 3.15 marathon which I’m not and that my friends is about to change.

My wife didn't need much convincing to go along with this post 
trail run training routine. She reckons she'll give it her all and won't 
let me down after consulting her mother back in Japan

Running up and down, left and then right, dodging this and dodging that is all part of the trail running experience. And yes of course it’s fun but more than that, it’ll provide the endurance, strength and mental fortitude I’m missing.  After all I have everything else, right? Week 3 out on the trails done. Now please hand me that ice bucket once again and don’t ration the sympathy either.


  1. Cunning plan indeed Mark. That's why 6' track beats road marathons - time not an issue. Toughen up the quads for M to S!

    Hey, I'm having grief with this template - just lost the first version of this comment! The thingos on the right obscure my vertical scroll bar. Don't tell Scott Brown I'm too cheap to buy a bigger lap-top ;)

  2. I'm sure I've seen a solution to that side bar issue online. I'll give it a go this week. Let me know if it helps. How's bigs your laptop though?

  3. Seems to be OK now Mark. Bit of a mystery. Firefox browser, resolution 1366 x 768.
    Catch up in the new year if not before :)

  4. Ah, problem occurs only after I've left the comment, so worth testing that.

  5. Hey mate. Made that tweak. Let me know if you are still losing the scroll bar.

  6. Yep, no worries - here goes!

  7. I was on the verge of swapping templates to keep my number one fan happy. Such a relief not to have to go through that.

  8. I had no idea there was a running calculator that considered weight! Maybe I'll have to consult that to encourage me to get back down to sub-80kg! Sadly, I'm a bit of a pasta fiend... why have one bowl when you can have two? Bring on the pasta coma!

    (I could never quite get this style of template right, so while I was a bit shocked by the initial change I am slowly getting used to it and seeing what you can do with it. I now know who to bother if I make the change and run into problems!)

    1. Hi Cecilia. And for me it's bread. Why have one slice when you can have a loaf.

      I love this template and it took such a long time to make it work. It doesn't have as many options as others but you can't beat its simplicity, clean lines and functionality. I probably would have given it away though had I not stumbled on this site for tips/tricks - southernspeakers.net