22 December 2014

Whakawerawera running

That isn't reflection from those minty, minty, minty new shoes of mine. 
They are genuinely sunburnt legs

One of these days I might find the courage to post one of those fancy vlogs and after that, who knows. Being an international YouTube celebrity does have a certain ring to it. I’ve mucked around at home when no one is watching and I’ll say this, they are not easy. I’m no Jack Nicholson. Even Scott Brown makes me look rubbish and that’s after I’ve had 5 takes. Had I done something, the view would have been of me lying prostrate on the couch having yet again put my back out. The trigger … those tight nasty nasty hamstrings of mine.

Sunday dawned and I leapt out of bed with all the enthusiasm of a 46 year old. 6 days of rest had rejuvenated me and I felt full of running. My current training plan had me down for a 35K trail run which in years gone by would have filled me with dread.

As I wound my way up to the first ridge of the day I realised that gone were those niggly little aches and pains. My back felt great too. With nothing to fret over I found myself retrospectively looking back on the year I’ve had. 3 full marathons and a couple of halves.  A PB in the full, a truck load of training, the odd groin hiccup, a loss of 6kg, 5 pairs of shoes, consistent blog posts to a worldwide readership of about 4 and growing and now an ultra-marathon so close I get goose bumps.

Rugged and yet breathtakingly beautiful. 
No not 'About a Ewen', these views

When putting one foot in front of the other at goal pace feels easy and natural, you know you’ve had a good year. I’m talking about Dennis Kimetto of course! I on the other hand have the odd day where I get to taste what that’s like. Like on Sunday when I reached the car at the end of my run. A pace of 5.50/K over fairly tough terrain was way better than I’d ever done previously on this track. Yet heading out earlier, all I wanted was to finish in one piece! A truly nice way to end the year for sure. (Garmin Splits HERE).

Writing these posts has been fun. I’ve enjoyed reading all the comments, have valued the occasional piece of advice and thrived on any encouragement.  To anyone reading, have a very happy Christmas with family and friends. Look after yourselves and I’ll see you in the New Year.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if a vlog would be easier to manage than a blog... but then I'll catch up on my Youtube subscriptions and realise my perfectionist streak would mean no videos would be published! Or perhaps I need to find more ordinary Youtubers!

    1. I know, I know. I have that streak also. I real curse! BTW, between you and me this template is starting to really bug me. So much so that I'm looking at another platform.

  2. Ha Ha Ha! You are right Mark - women have been known to draw breath when they see me. Like in the "ugly baby" episode on Seinfeld!
    Must say, reading this on an appallingly slow internet connection at Mum's vlogs are avoided like a long mountainous trail run. Sorry Scott old son! Normal blogs though, sweet!
    Keep writing and moving forward (sorry about that) with your running in 2015. I'm sure by the end of the year your readership will have increased by another 20%!

  3. By the way, sunburnt legs? C'mon!!

  4. Practically 3rd degree burns my friend!