2 January 2015

A long run to start the year

With presents opened and food devoured there was just the 
family photo to do. I of course sat myself down to conserve the energy 
required to do the dishes later on. My sister took the photo. 
My family, her family and our parents

The first day of 2015 and the weather couldn't have been better. 
Fancy coming along for the ride? At this point I leave the road for a 
stint on the trails. 2K exactly

This is at about 8K
Liberal minded Kiwis. 12K done
Almost halfway at 14K. Although the sign puts me at 18K from the
 city! Fortunately these guys don't measure marathons!

The nearest cow made a hell of a sound as I appraoched. Before long 
another appeared. Then it all made sense. She wanted me to meet 
her significant udder

I'm safe on one side of this cattle metal guard. It also marks the 
15K halfway point

More Kiwiana signage at 16K

Rainbow trout fishing here is apparently legendary

This Maori archway carving is supposed to keep out evil spirits. 
Garmin says 27K to this point

Rotorua city ahead. The BP sign on the right reads $1.74 per litre for 
unleaded which is bloody good. It reminds me to fill up. 
30K later (4.48/K pace) and home. Thanks for your company. 
Have a very happy new year to all of you out there in blogger land


  1. Happy 2015 Mark. You'll be pleased to hear I chuckled at your significant udder joke ;)
    Looks a useful path for long runs if you're up to the surface. A bit narrow though! Canberra bike paths are twice that width (high taxes?) and we still have head-on collisions. By the way, since Costco started selling "gasoline" in town, the price has come down to around $1.30 a litre. Could be time to sell my pushy and start driving again ;)

  2. And still the price falls. $1.53 today Ewen. Whats going on? Not much of a running community here so apart from the odd bike, I'm on my own, except for the odd cow which I ignore unless I have a calf injury :-)

    1. You've milked that joke dry Mark. Heard on the radio that it was under $1 at Costco yesterday! I'm selling the 4-cylinder and buying a V8 ;)