8 March 2015

New Plymouth race report coming ...

The message on the Mountain to Surf webpage reads 'Photos available within a week of this event'. And that's just as well because it gives me plenty of time to write up a race report full of highs and lows. A big PB for sure but oh my, it could have been so much better ...

Finished 29th in 3.18.24.


  1. Fantastic Mark! A PB is never anything to sneeze at!! I'm guessing the quads tightened up at the end and the temperature was a little too hot but interested to hear the real story. Thanks for posting the time I checking! Again congratulations!

  2. Well done Mark. Scott's right - I'm hanging out for even a 1-second PB! By the time the photos arrive your quads should be feeling normal again. Looking forward to all the gory details.