23 March 2015

Run to the Green Lake



  1. Winner winner chicken dinner (I mean fish). Thanks Mark - good video. Interesting to see where you run. I miss the smell of runs through the Stromlo pine forest - not many pines left there now. Hey, the authorities are asking a bit much to keep left on such a narrow path! And what's with the fire danger sign? I thought NZ was too wet and green to ever catch fire!

  2. Thanks for that constructive feedback Ewen. I've passed it on to the relevant local city departments for them to consider. Oh, I've just received their feedback ... my word! Uncanny how they picked you were an Aussie without me saying. They reckon you'll get what’s coming to you on Sunday at the cricket. I'm not so optimistic. I reckon it’s 50/50.

    1. Thanks Mark. At least you tried. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit worried about Sunday. You've got Grant Elliott and he's got that beard. Scary stuff!