2 May 2015

Rotorua Marathon race report coming ...

A 3.21.01 and 93rd overall. 

This, my friends is a very tough sport which isn’t really news to any of you is it. Every inch of my being hurts, really hurts. Even my fingers (tapping away on this keyboard), thoughts and body odour are complaining! Hand on heart, I gave it everything out there today, I really did. 

A 3 minute 46 second improvement on the same event last year.  Not the sub 3.20 I’d hoped for but ahhhhhh … Walking a bit in that last km made no real difference to my overall time so no excuses. And the weather? Well it was just perfect.

Full race report shortly … 

1 comment:

  1. Not bad splits Mark - getting hard after 34k, which is normal.