3 August 2015

Finding my groove

I’ve been running injury free now for so long I probably couldn’t tell you what last bothered me. GROIN! I get the odd ache and pain but no different to those I experience when getting out of bed most mornings. The joy of running without favouring one side, one knee, one calf and yes one groin is something I'm beginning to take for granted and long may it continue. You know what … I may have found a rhythm that works just for me.

All the while I'm tweaking away with subtle changes. Nothing major. To my surprise the odd inspiration actually works better than I could have ever imagined. Here are just a few examples that are really making a difference.

The caffeine kick into touch. I sleep longer and uninterrupted and that’s no line either. It’s true. I set my mobile phone to go off every 45 minutes at work. With every ring I collapse into a plank position and do my thing. I tell myself to ignore the jibes from others, after all, it’s for the cause as they say. I’ve reduced my dinner portion by a quarter and finally and most significantly I’ve stumbled on the perfect weekly running routine. A fusion of recovery, road, trail, hills and tempo as seen below, that all combine to a symphonic masterpiece.  Go on then … help yourself.


  1. Fantastic Mark!
    I've just torn myself away from that Cilla clip. I can recall watching the show as a boy. Think my dad was a big fan. What a set of lungs! She would have made a good 1500m runner. Could have done with some dental work though...

  2. I had fun looking for the perfect clip. I too remember the sounds of Cilla, Glen Campbell and John Denver playing from the lounge as Dad and I wrestled with the lawns, hedge and garden most weekends. Must have driven the neighbours crazy.