7 September 2015


I like a good painting. Most of all watercolours that feature old run down cottages or barns set in rural rustic landscapes. One I bought about a year ago now appears as the header image to this blog and I just love it. 

For months I’ve been on the lookout for one that captures the magic of a good run. For me it needs to stir those same feelings I get when the sun is warm on your back. When the road stretches out before you with a gentle decline and the beauty and tranquility of your surroundings just can’t be ignored. Disappointingly I’d never come close in my search and had practically given up … until now. 

I reckon Janet Wimmer got it spot on with the above oil painting of the Blue Ridge Marathon. Sadly, it was auctioned off at a charity event back in 2013. If it were mine I doubt very much I’d ever grow tired of it, in fact I know I wouldn’t.

After a little digging I found Janet’s email address and without hesitation fired off a polite yet desperate message that simply asked how I might go about getting a copy and guess what?

She’s just emailed me back asking if I’d like a copy on paper or on canvas.  



  1. Wow, lucky you! Canvas of course. That's a great painting.

  2. Beautiful! Ask and you shall receive. I often approach people I respect and you'd think they wouldn't give me the time of day but more often than not they are extremely generous with their time and kind with their responses.

    Nice find!

    1. Thanks mate. This world wide web thingy is marvelous isn't it? A bit like Janet actually. And yes, there are some fantastic selfless people out there. I must try harder ...