2 November 2015

Purple patch

TYT video. Peter Norman, surely a great Australian.

In a 2012 interview Carlos was quoted as saying “There's no-one in the nation of Australia that should be honored, recognised, appreciated more than Peter Norman for his humanitarian concerns, his character, his strength and his willingness to be a sacrificial lamb for justice.”

I’m fast approaching the finish of my third straight year as a ‘runner’. It must have been around 1994 when I first laced up a pair of ‘non performance’ Reebok's and headed out for a run. In those days I believed a 30 minute jog once a week negated the nasty effects smoking had on me. A little good with a little bad equated to a balanced healthy life. We all thought that. I ran for no other reason. Since then I’ve dabbled with it on and off over the years.

Never have I run the distances with as much consistency and frequency as I have these past few years. A comment on this blog back in 2013 suggested that to run a good marathon I needed to be logging 80 km per week. At that time a good week for me meant 40 km. I sure had some way to go.

Injury after overuse injury I soldiered on flirting with 80 km weeks. Now in my third year, running is no longer a chore. It’s become a part of who I am and how I view myself. Gone are those feelings of dread every Sunday morning with a long run ahead of me. It certainly hasn’t happened overnight but I’m glad I stuck with it and find myself here today.

In 2013 I logged a total of 2,645 km for the year. In 2014 I managed 2,771 km. With just two months left this year I currently sit on 2,452 km meaning that to make 3,000 km I need to average about 68 km per week through to the end on December. I’ve now found another milestone to strive for. I’m excited too because during this purple patch where I seem to be getting faster and without injury, getting out there is just an absolute joy.

My sister's birthday today.

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  1. Too true Mark. Hey, that was interesting reading about your running history... your best PB years are definitely ahead of you. Just keep that joy and consistency going.