9 November 2015

Six in a row

I wasn’t going to post anything this week. The ramblings of a middle aged, middle class, mid weight, amateur runner aren’t for everyone but I do have a milestone to report. For most, it won’t mean a lot, but for me it was something quite special. 

Tuesdays run started like they usually do. Intense physical pain all over while I search for my running legs, straighten out my posture and gradually lengthen my stride all the while trying not to pull anything. We desk types are at a huge disadvantage after all. 

It was meant to be a 10k ‘recovery’ run but after clocking an unexpected 3.59/km for my 5th k split everything changed. At the time I felt great and put it down to the task I’d assigned myself for the night, to run from a strong core. 

With only 1k to the car and now with 5 sub 4 minute k’s behind me I pressed hard for a 6th. Surprisingly my legs still felt fresh. Aerobically I was in control and long gone was the stiffness I felt to begin. That’s not to say I wasn’t feeling it however. I was. Yet with this run the discomfort came from a place I hadn’t experienced before. My abs!

A 3.36/km to finish gave me six in a row. I’ve dabbled with sub 4’s in the past but never have I lined them up one after the other like that! Another lesson learned. A stronger core is making a big difference and no matter how much I dislike them, it’s those planks I’ve been doing daily damn it!

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  1. Great run!
    Yes, I'm stalking your blog ;-) Computer time has been limited for the past six weeks. Bloody holidays!