20 December 2015

Quest for 3000

I’d been a tad lazy in the latter half of November. The Rotorua Half Marathon didn’t help. A cautious race week followed by a ridiculous ‘recovery week’ threatened to derail my goal of running 3000 km for the year. 

I reckon I am definitely on the ‘Rain Man’ spectrum. This obsession I have for numbers is way over the top. That’s what my family and few friends say but what would they know! Now where was I? That plus that and a little of that divided by perhaps him, over the square root of everything minus of course all those little bits’ equals … SHIT! 


Pouring over my Garmin Connect numbers revealed that for the month of December I needed exactly 365 km. Coincidental don’t you think? 80+80+80+80+45 in a busy month with lots going on isn’t going to be easy. So where am I? 80+80+81 to date. Notice how I cunningly slipped in an extra 1? That was planned. I’ll sneak in a further 4 more for insurance too. 

I think I’m a better runner at the end of 2015 than I was at the start. A few PB’s to crow about. No significant injuries. I’m around 5.142 kg lighter. I shuffle less and at last discovered the benefits of the plank.  My form continues to be a work in progress as is this blog which now contains 121 posts each viewed an average of 292.488 times with a total viewership of 35,391 and for those few friends I have and family that can’t escape, this all means absolutely nothing.

Have a happy and safe holiday everyone … there are just 5 sleeps or 97 hours until Christmas!



  1. I always wondered about the meaning of that song. Now I don't know - thanks a lot Mark!
    Interesting post. You're running well so that's the main thing. Not sure if it's because of the numbers, but I guess running is a numbers game so there has to be some obsession if you're 'serious'. A mate of mine is obsessive about the number of races/events he runs, which is probably counterproductive to performance but he enjoys doing that, so who's to argue.
    These days I like a minimum (easily achievable) target of 'hours per week' of exercise that I know gives me good recovery within the week. I used to be obsessive about doing 10 x 300 or 5 x 1k, even though 9 x 300 or 4 x 1k might have been better that particular day. Anyway, I'm still happy there are six beers in a 6-pack and not five :)