31 January 2016


This years Tarawera Ultra Marathon has caught me by surprise. In just 6 short days I’ll be toiling away at the required 100km I signed up to when 60 and 85km were also options. To make matters worse I’ve made a real amateurish mistake.  My much vaunted purple patch is over after I stupidly crammed in a number of hard back to back trail runs. That’s right I’m injured … 

On the bright side it’s a new injury which make telling the story not seem like a rehash of an old post. I believe what I have is called Mortons Neuroma. The pain in the ball of my right foot is apparently caused by the thickening of a nerve that runs along a metatarsal and can occur due to repetitive trauma or chronic irritation. 

I’d initially thought it had something to do with my new trail shoes but the more I think about it the more I suspect I’d just pushed too hard. Given that I have a really tight glute, hamstring and calf muscle on the same side points more to overuse don’t you think? Is it too late to see a podiatrist? Is it safe to run with a mild case of Mortons Neuroma? Will the oil price continue to fall? Can Bernie Sanders snatch the nomination from Hillary?

Life has been crazy of late and my activity on this blog has suffered as a result. In two weeks I’ll be moving back to Japan after 15 years in New Zealand. It’s inevitable then that this Running Raggedy blog will look and feel different as I explore new roads and trails in the pursuit of more PBs and running accomplishments. I may even pass Scott or perhaps Bob on a downhill …



  1. That was a great paragraph Mark. Don't know about that oil price (we're still paying $1.22 a litre for the stuff), but go Bernie!

    If you do run across those two legends, say g'day for me and tell Scott to lose those short shorts and keep aiming high.
    If you do start on the weekend, all the best, and don't do anything crazy.

  2. Go Bernie indeed ... I’ll do my absolute best mate. I can’t seem to shake these nerves though. A sign I’ve taken on too much? HELP!