14 June 2016

Live a life you will remember

“Who was that Dad?” my eldest asked. “Scott” I replied … “Dads new running coach”. The look she then gave me was her mother all over. Something like this perhaps (click here). And who could blame her. Her useless Dad was again lying prostrate on the couch with another back spasm. I sulked a little more then cursed myself for getting lazy with the hamstring stretches and core work. “Running tonight Dad?” she asked. “Cheeky buggar” I muttered with clenched teeth, loud enough for her to hear but strategically not for her mother.

Perhaps opening Scott’s 20-week training program he’d emailed me a day earlier had triggered this spasm? My wife surprised us all by saying aloud “Shit!” while reading it which filled me with both dread and a new found appreciation of her. She never swears and this sounded a little sexy!

Scott ‘how’s it going’ Brown offered to help me out a number of weeks ago. My new BFF probably felt sorry for me stuck in this running rut and without any kind of methodology at all. It’s an issue the great Jack Daniels also addresses often by asking “What’s the purpose of your workout?” “You’d better know too” he continues. “If you don't, it’s probably best you go home and watch TV instead” (click here). If you’re a newbie, this probably shouldn't be taken quite so literally. Three years on, I on the other hand need to change it up. How far can I go? How will I get there? Scott is just the guy to help me along and I’m very grateful.

His schedule has everything I’ve only ever read about, considered, then discarded. Intervals at threshold pace, strides, fartleks, easy runs and of course long runs where marathon paced segments will be required. For example, running 22k at an easy pace then the last 3k at marathon goal pace. His analysis of each workout via Garmin Connect will in part consider how I cope by way of heart rate. “So you need ANOTHER running watch do you?” my wife asked. “Well talk to my coach” I said. Yet another reason having a coach is such a good idea. I am now the proud owner of the new Garmin 230J with heart rate belt.

Over the past year or so I’ve run every road workout with splits of between 4.20/k and 4.40/k irrespective of distance. The weeks ahead will challenge the way I think about training. How do I feel? Bloody excited and also a little worried. I don't want to let people down injuring myself with some of the faster stuff and I wonder how I’m ever going to run with dignity at 5.15/k pace!

I’ve had plenty of time to think of late. I’ve always been guilty of living a life yet to come and never fully appreciated the life I have now. That's all about to change. I now know what makes me and those around me truly happy. It’s taken a while but it’s never too late to live a life you will remember is it? This new adventure has come at the best possible time and I can’t wait to start.

 (Click here)

Now where the hell is that foam roller?

  • Coach Scott Brown coming home strong in this years Boston Marathon.
  • The Hoka One One Stinson ATRs which I'll use on my easy run days. Maximum cushioning at a conservative pace. 


  1. I certainly have my work cut out for me. Not that it will be so hard to get Mark running to his potential, that I can do, but I'm first going have to get him to buy into my program. One that failed to get me to my potential and has everyone (all 5 people) following my blog convinced that I have seen my best days. Even got the occasional troll (I've never met) dropping into my comment section these days to let me know that, "Nobody cares!" ;)

  2. Mark I certainly believe that it's not too late and that we both can still reach our potential and "live a life we will remember." At least until I'm too old to remember my name and the name of my nasty troll. ;)

  3. Well at least you get the odd comment ... I'd take it irrespective of whether he has a nasty point or not. Mate ... I'm feeling so much better today. I reckon I might do a lazy 7K tomorrow to test the back. On track for a Tuesday new beginning. And to anybody out there that does care ... leave a bloody comment!

  4. That was good Mark! Scott 'how's it going' Brown... and all I could come up with was The Senator, or 'young Scott who want's to be great on a diet of burnt fish' - well done!
    Enjoyed the video - hadn't heard of Avicii. Excellent song and message. If you're following Scott's coaching plan and your wife says 'shit!' then it's sure to be a running life to remember. Just don't get carried away and start wearing white bike shorts... your sweaty cotton shirts are more than enough for me to remember. Mate.

  5. All kidding aside ... there's nothing wrong with the cotton t. I'm keen to post in a separate tab my monthly training schedule once I have the coaches OK. Tell me what you think. If you come back with another 'shit' I may be in trouble!

  6. Good luck with your (Scott's) program. How are the Hoka One Ones? I'm thinking of getting a pair.

    1. Hi Bob. Absolutely love the Stinson's for easy run days. I’ve never been a fan of recovery runs in the main because they felt harder than they should have. I just felt that at a slower pace my body was being impacted more than usual with every stride. I’m still in need of a little weight loss! With the Stinson’s no such issue at all. More miles with more smiles. Though at around 11 ounces you may be better off with the Clifton's at 9 ounces.

  7. Mark and I were talking about you today Bob. Didn't you give Ewen a hard time about his "maximalist" shoes when he first bought them? I have ordered a pair,should get them this week, Mark loves his, that's what prompted me to buy them.

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