27 July 2016

Feeling a bit poorly

The running Gods must have looked down with delight on my most recent running week. They rewarded me with a visit on Monday from our local courier driver. Our first at this address. “It’s very narrow isn’t it?”. I thanked him thinking he was paying me some kind of compliment before the reality of our driveway width sunk in. “You have to study Japanese more!” my wife hollered.

Trying out my new Adidas Boost 3 shoes will have to wait a couple of days more I’m afraid. Monday evening marked the beginning of frequent toilet visits having caught some nasty stomach bug which is only now starting to settle and it's Wednesday night!

“Very good chance for you to study” my wife reminded me.

Good night …


  1. Frequent toilet visits are excellent for reaching racing weight ;-) Then your coach will be complimenting you on the narrowness of your physique.

  2. Five days to get my appetite back and then it was only cucumber sandwiches! A horrible week tinged with a bit of excitement as one by one my abs popped out. Planks ... why bother eh!

  3. Montezuma's revenge has nothing on the grief a Japanese wife will give you for not studying the language enough! Take care Bud.