31 October 2016

Osaka Marathon race report coming ...

3.16.14 and no where near a podium finish in the land of the fanatic marathon runner. In fact my overall place was 1,927th! A lot to talk about in a race that shuts down the central city of Osaka to accomodate the 32,000 runners entered in this years marathon. 

A PB achieved but my coach reckons I could have done much, much better ... 


  1. Love the medal Mark! Well done on the PB!! Looking forward to hearing the write up about it.

    Cheers Jen Barker :-)

  2. Thanks Jen ... I've recovered from my usual post race blues and now can't wait to map out another few shorter faster races before the New Plymouth Mountain to Surf in March ... I see you're tracking well yourself with lots of consistency. Summer helps plenty doesn't it? I on the other hand am looking for my bloody beanie :-(

  3. A PB no matter how small is always good Mark. A bloke from here did a 1 second PB in the Melbourne Marathon - 2:49 something when he was going for 2:40. Looking forward to the full report. Looks like slightly square wheels from 30k on.

  4. Thanks mate. Square wheels indeed. I suppose I should be grateful they didn't completely fall off! Planning on doing a couple of 10k races shortly. Never done the distance in a race before. A guaranteed PB ... ;-)