11 December 2017

Kameoka Half Marathon 2017

I have tightness on the right side of my lower back. My left ankle feels a little weak and my quads hurt somewhat whenever I make my way downstairs to our bathroom. 24 hours earlier I’d run the Kameoka Half Marathon. 

My time of 1:28:10 is another cheeky PB. Why cheeky? Well, I like to nibble away at personal best times. Like a delicious dessert you want to saviour and take longer to finish, my PBs are very much the same. I chip away at them little by little. 

Kameoka is no more than 30 minutes away from Kyoto by bus. A small rural settlement made up of mostly older people that work their land to produce rice. The course on a good day with little wind is ideal for fast times. Uphill for the first 5K, then flat and finally a 5K descent to the finish. Yesterday the weather was perfect.

Before the race I’d targeted 4.13 per kilometer splits to pinch a PB. To run 4.10 splits came as a bit of a surprise. On refection, I reckon it had a lot to do with:

  • a stronger core 
  • more consistent longer runs with some big hills 
  • coach Scott Brown’s advice and encouragement 
  • running a negative split and 
  • better running form

Scott of course had finished before me and waited. Post-race chatter is something I always look forward to. We both agreed that the run had been perfect preparation for what lay ahead. The Kakogawa Marathon was now less than two weeks away. 

I had family waiting at the bridge 1K out from the finish line armed with recording devices. Here is one comment that resinated with me a lot. The lead runners seemed to be going through a lot more hurt than I. Why they almost seemed to be shitting themselves! Maybe it’s time to cross that line in two weeks and see where it takes me ... or not.

We’ll see.

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  1. Had to watch that one all the way through, hoping she'd stack off that skateboard!
    I'll call you 'Bubka' -- Sergey liked to break his WR by centimetres at a time. 1:27:59 for the next one please Mark. All the best for a delicious PB at Kakogawa.